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How do I: Understand my Assignment

This guide covers Information, Media, and Digital Literacy concepts and Digital Citizenship for Gr. 9-12 students, as well as teacher and parents.

Understand my Assignment

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What is the assignment asking for?

Understanding Your Assignment

Types of Action Verbs to Look for in the Assignment

Type of Verbs

Informative Verbs

Relation Verbs Interpretation Verbs

define, summarize, explain, recognize, understand, learn about, discover, uncover, reveal, examine, observe, investigate, find out, focus on, know, consider, determine, delve, remember, explore, be familiar with, be on the lookout, become aware of

compare, contrast, apply, relate, cause

assess, analyze, argue, support, synthesize, prove, respond, justify, evaluate
What this Means

You need to demonstrate knowledge of the topic - the who, what, why, where, when, & how.

You need to demonstrate how two or more concepts are related. You need to demonstrate an opinion on the topic backed by evidence (i.e. research).

Source: C.C.U. Clifton L. Fowler Library, How To Tutorials: Research (Above video)

Understand Your Assignment

Ask yourself a few basic questions as you read and jot down the answers on the assignment sheet:

  • Why did your instructor ask you to do this particular task?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What kind of evidence do you need to support your ideas?
  • What kind of writing style is acceptable?
  • What are the absolute rules of the paper?

 From the UNC Understanding Your Assignment Guide. For the full guide click here.

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