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VLC: Home

The VLC is much more than an "online library." It provides Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Media Literacy, and Digital Citizenship resources, as well as technical help, and reliable information for student research and work.

Laptop comuputer showing an infographich with listing four aspects of Health - Body, Spirit, Fitness and MindAs everyone continues to explore and adapt to the variety of in-class and remote learning venues .... don't forget to look after yourselves with Health & Wellness Tips and Strategies



Thinking emoticonLooking for some exciting ways to learn online?  Check out the Boredom Busters Guide for your passport to

Virtual Field Trips, ebooks, online stories, videos, games, and more!!!

Media Literacy Week

( French translation available on website)

Events & Activities

Media Literacy Week Teacher’s Hub

Welcome to the Media Literacy Week Teachers’ Hub!
This space is designed to provide you with plug and play lessons and resources on digital and media literacy topics that relate to this year’s event, co-hosted by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

Women's History Month

October is Women's History Month

Why is Women's History Month important? 

Canadian women weren't considered to be "persons" in the eyes of the law until October 18, 1929


  Courtesy of the Status of Women Canada website.

It is important that we remember the women who have shaped us and recognize those who make positive change today. The magazine Voice lists women change makers

Learn about some incredible women in the SORA Biography and Autobiography Collection.

Celebrate Women's History Month with videos from the National Film Board of Canada

Islamic History Month


Watch 14 & Muslim on CBC! (Grades 7-12)

Download the Teachers Resource Guide: (scroll to bottom of page)

Sora, eBooks and Audiobooks

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UCDSB Educational Events & Contests



The above link is your source for information on educational events and contests sponsored by reputable Canadian organizations. Many of the contests can be worked into the curriculum.  New items are added on a regular basis. Keep checking for student, and educator, chances to shine.

UCDSB Virtual Art Gallery


Chinese Traditional Festivals