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The VLC is much more than an "online library." It provides Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Media Literacy, and Digital Citizenship resources, as well as technical help, and reliable information for student research and work.

The word October in black with a green outline, three pumpkins in front and corn stalks growing under a full moon above

October is Women's History Month

Why is Women's History Month important? 

Canadian women weren't considered to be "persons" in the eyes of the law until October 18, 1929

  Sketch of a camera lens on a purple and green background. Text Women's History Month: Through Her Lens

  Courtesy of the Status of Women Canada website.

It is important that we remember the women who have shaped us and recognize those who make positive change today. Check out this timeline of Women in Canadian History 

Learn about some incredible women in the SORA Biography and Autobiography Collection.

Celebrate Women's History Month with videos from the National Film Board of Canada

Islamic History Month

Multicultural Flavours of Muslim Cuisine is the theme for Islamic History Month 2022. Gold font on red background depicting a star and a crescent moon.


Watch 14 & Muslim on CBC! (Grades 7-12)

Download the Teachers Resource Guide: (scroll to bottom of page)

Media Literacy Week

( French translation available on website)

Events & Activities

Media Literacy Week Teacher’s Hub

 co-hosted by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.


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October 9, 2023

Introduction to the VLC

K-6 Database Search

Try our:

Educational Events & Contests



The above link is your source for information on educational events and contests sponsored by reputable Canadian organizations. Many of the contests can be worked into the curriculum.  New items are added on a regular basis. This is the perfect chance for students and educators to shine.

Chinese Traditional Festivals

UCDSB Virtual Art Gallery


Sora, eBooks and Audiobooks


31 October