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VLC: About Us

The VLC is much more than an "online library." It provides Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Media Literacy, and Digital Citizenship resources, as well as technical help, and reliable information for student research and work.

How can my Learning Commons Informationist (LCI)...

Your school LCI can help you with researchcommunication, and technology.

Get help with things like:

  • finding "good" information online and through VLC Subject Guides & databases

  • organizing/managing research using online tools

  • showing academic honesty by citing sources/creating a bibliography

  • learning differnent forms of written & oral communication (e.g. essays, poems, speaches, etc.)

  • locating all kinds of cool apps & websites to help with your assignments

Your LCI supports student development of Information LiteracyDigital Literacy, and Research Skills all necessary for Inquiry-based Learning.


LCI's can help your students:

  • locate authentic information

  • develop research skills

    • the ability to locate, select, gather, and critically evaluate information

  • develop communication skills

    • the ability to create information and communicate their findings to different audiences using a variety of technologies

  • use the information obtained to solve problemsmake decisions, build knowledge, create personal meaning, and enrich their lives

  • use information and research with understanding, responsibility, and imagination.

Your LCI supports student achievement by facilitating student development of 21st Century Learner Skills by providing access to information & technology described in the Ontario Curriculum.


LCIs provide curricular support, such as: 

  • Assisting teachers with Inquiry-based Learning 
  • Supporting student development of Information Literacy, & Digital Literacy skills
  • Supporting student learning of 21st Century Skills
  • Assisting students in becoming responsible Digital Citizens 
  • Providing access to reliable & authoritative information that is aligned to the Ontario Curriculum 

LCIs can help you develop a Learning Commons at your school that will support your school's needs.

LCIs have access to:

  • Information on how to develop the Learning Commons space to support curricular activities
  • Student & staff engagement tools to support the space planning process
  • Best practices for space design, as discovered by other schools
  • Top recommended books based on the Ontario Curriculum

...and much more!

What does a physical Learning Commons have to offer?

  • a welcoming space that engages students in a learning community to share ideas and collaborate 
  • equitable access to quality information, learning tools, and diverse technologies 
  • a safe environment that supports curricular activities, while fostering a culture of life-long-learning
  • promotes creativity and innovation by serving the needs of differentiated learning
  • facilitates deep learning by providing access to resources to help student develop research skills, information literacy skills, and digital literacy skills

Look at these cool Learning Commons!


The Learning Commons at Thousand Islands Elementary School.


The Learning Commons at Morrisburg Public School.


The Learning Commons at Gananoque Intermediate Secondary School.


The Learning Commons at Caldwell Street Public School.

Centennial '67

Under the Sea Mural by South Grenville Students

Centennial '67

Under the Sea Mural by South Grenville Students

Centennial '67

Under the Sea Mural by South Grenville Students

Centennial '67

Under the Sea Mural by South Grenville Students

Parent Council Pillows for Linklater LC

Caldwell VLC

Caldwell Learning Commons

Gananoque Intermediate Secondary School Learning Commons

Think Tank

Gananoque Intermediate Secondary School Learning Commons

Glengary DHS Learning Commons

Cubs Corner

Lyn Public School Learning Commons

Morrisburg Public School Learning Commons

Morrisburg Public School Learning Commons

Plantagenet Public School Learning Commons

What is the VLC?

Looking for tools to help you develop a Learning Commons at your school?

UCDSB Collection Development Guidelines