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How do I: Spot 'Fake' News?

This guide covers Information, Media, and Digital Literacy concepts and Digital Citizenship for Gr. 9-12 students, as well as teacher and parents.

Fake newsFake News!  Post-truth! Deep Fakes! Clickbait!  Bots and Trolls, AI (Oh My!)  

Seriously????????  I just want to read the news. 

 On this page you will learn tips & tricks (moves) to help you quickly SIFT through the fake, factual & flimsy.

TO GET STARTED: read STEP ONE for the what and why; watch the short skills videos in STEP TWO; then test your news smarts with activities & games in STEP THREE.  Finished? check out the additional resources at the bottom of the page.


SIFT Step Two Source

SIFT Step Three Claim

SIFT Step Four Image

Digging Deeper

Tools for Monitoring Social Media

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STEP TWO: Learn the Skills

 SKILL: Ctrl-F

 Does the claim or headline accurately reflect the linked article?  Quick check with Ctrl-F

  1. Click into the link
  2. Crtl-F
  3. Type in a keyword from the assertion/headine
  4. Does the assertion match the content?  If not, take a pass.Ctrl + F


Fact Checking Sources


Can you tell fact from fiction?  Ready to check out your online news smarts?  Test your knowledge with these practice questions and activities.


SECOND CHALLENGEReality Check (MediaSmarts)

Test your Knowledge: Digging Deeper

How to Choose Your News TedEd Video

How to Choose Your News: Animated video (4:48 min) providing a deeper dive into the history of media, media forms, evaluation tips and social media sharing. Watch the video and try your hand with the multiple choice & open-ended questions.

Evaluate Websites & Information Sources


Material on this page reproduced and adapted with thanks and permission from Mike Caulfield"Director of blended and networked learning at Washington State University Vancouver, and head of the Digital Polarization Initiative of the American Democracy Project, a multi-school pilot to change the way that online media literacy is taught."