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Virtual Learning Commons Resources in D2L: Upload a Handout

Popular Handouts or File Uploads

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Downloadable Handouts & Files

What does a downloadable handout or file look like on the VLC?

On the VLC, downloadable handouts and files look like links/urls, except that they typically have a small image to the left of their title indicating the file format that this document is in.


This icon would likely appear next to a file that is in MS Word format.



This icon would likely appear next to a file that is in PDF format.



Where are handouts and file downloads found on the VLC?

Handouts and document downloads can be found throughout the VLC.

*Recommendation: locate handouts and document downloads relevant to your courses by visiting the associated Subject Guide (see the full list of High School Subject Guides below - these are aligned to the ON Curriculum).

The How do I for 9-12 section also contains some handouts.