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Student Life: Students Coming to Canada

Resources supporting the diverse needs of our students. We ALL Belong!

Language Learning Help

Looking for more English language fun?  Check out the ESL Guides below!

Essential Information from UCDSB International Education

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WEATHER (and everything else)

Learning About Canada


Canada's National Sport

CN Tower

Once the tallest building in the world!

Niagara Falls

World's Greatest Waterfall


Another cold winter pastime to enjoy!

Alight at Night at Upper Canada Village

A 19th Century Community recreated along the St. Lawrence River

Frequently Asked Questions About Coming to Canada

Wondering what you will need for daily life in Canada?  Click on the questions below for answers!

If you have a question that we haven't answered, send it to us online and we will e-mail you a response.  Click on the Ask Us/Demande Moi icon below!

1. How do I get a phone card for my cell phone?

2. How do I open a bank account and get a bank card?

3. What type of electric plug do I need for Canada?

4. What is Canadian food like?


Ask Us/Demande Moi