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Student Life: Character Always!

Resources supporting the diverse needs of our students. We ALL Belong!

Character Always!

UCDSB Students and Staff demonstrate character 365 days a year

but sometimes we just have to shout it out!


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Character Shows! @ Rockland District High School

UCDSB Character Always!

CARING is...showing concern and interest in others and yourself

EMPATHY is...the ability to feel with another, show understanding and express it

HONESTY is...speaking and doing what you believe is right, no matter what the consequences

RESPONSIBILITY is...leading the way, helping to accomplish tasks through initiative and hard work

PERSEVERANCE is...having the courage and strength to never give up

FAIRNESS is...being open-minded, taking turns and trusting others

RESPECT is...honouring differences, caring for yourself and others

RESILIENCE is...having a positive attitude and inner strength to bounce back from a tough time

COURAGE tell us what courage means to you 

GENEROSITY tell us what generosity means to you 

While the spirit of a word remains the same, sometimes the language we use to describe it changes over time.  The UCDSB is in the process of updating how we describe each of the traits in our Character Always! initiative.  Tell us what these traits mean to you. 

Character in Action!

Are you in Kindergarten to Gr. 6?  Create your work with Academic Honesty! 

Are you in Gr. 7-12?  Express your character online - click here!

@ Upper Canada District School Board

Learn about the UCDSB Character Always initiative.

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