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Student Life: Equity & Inclusion

Resources supporting the diverse needs of our students. We ALL Belong!


Recommended Reads - From K to 12

Selections from the 2017 Rainbow List: a bibliography of books with significant gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning content for youth aged birth to 18. 

What is Privilege?

Privilege is when something is not your problem because you don't experience it

Resources for teachers, students & parents

American Sign Language

Free On-line ASL resources:

Handspeak – this looks like a great site!

Life Print –some of basics

American Sign Language Resource Guide

Sound Apex - 60 Basic ASL Sign Language for Beginners

Free ASL App:

Marlee Signs App – a great app for iPhone/iPad – with good basics for free, more modules available to purchase

My Smart Hands - available in a free lite version or paid enhanced version. Designed to teach ASL to infants.


CELA - Centre for Equitable Library Access

Equality & Equity: What is the difference?

Equality and Equity

#seemyvoice twitter feed

Learn about Media Influences

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