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Grade 11 - World Religions and Belief Traditions: Issues, and Challenges: Rite & Observances

This course enables students to study world religions and belief traditions in local, Canadian, and global contexts. Students will explore aspects of the human quest for meaning and will examine world religions and beliefs.

Suggested Databases: UCDSB VLC

21 Century Canadian Connections

 Canada Vignettes: St. Laurent: ”  “How does the construction of a sweat lodge reflect the understandings and beliefs of First Nation people about the natural world?” “  ( Hmanities: On. Curr. Doc.)

This very short film from the Canada Vignettes series documents the annual pilgrimage that members of Saskatchewan’s Métis Catholic community make to St. Laurent, a village in the Duck Lake area that became the Métis nation’s spiritual centre at the time of the 1885 Northwest Rebellion.

Teacher Prompt - How are Aboriginal people’s attitudes towards the environment and the earth a reflection of their larger belief tradition?”

Read A Loud - Tie IN

Having fled from war in their troubled homeland, a boy and his family are living in poverty in a strange country. Food is scarce, so when the boy’s father brings home a map instead of bread for supper, at first the boy is furious. But when the map is hung on the wall, it floods their cheerless room with color. As the boy studies its every detail, he is transported to exotic places without ever leaving the room, and he eventually comes to realize that the map feeds him in a way that bread never could.

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Identify various sacred places that are destinations for pilgrims (e.g., Jerusalem, Mecca, Varanasi) and explain the difference between a pilgrimage (e.g., the hajj) and other types of spiritual journey (e.g., the vision quest)

Teacher prompts “Why has Jerusalem been a focal point of pilgrimage?” “How do pilgrims to Varanasi express reverence?” “Why is there no specific place that a First Nation male must visit during his vision quest?”b  (Humanities: Curr. Doc.)

Demonstrate an understanding of symbols, art, and literature associated with rites of passage in various religions and belief tradition.Explain how the journey of life can be seen as a quest for meaning, and identify common questions associated with the search for meaning and purpose in life.

Teacher prompt: “What do you think the meaning or purpose of life is?” “How might your understanding of your life’s purpose change as you get older?” ( Humanities: Curr. Doc.)

Digging Deeper: Websites for further research

Useful Databases and Web-sites

Digging Deeper: Websites for further research

Key Terms - Define & explain.

Define Key Terms:  Wesak, Shabbut, Yom Kippur, Holi, Christmas, Powwow, Bar Mitzvah,   fireworks, Monorah,  Advent Wreath, fasts, feasts, sweetgrass, Diwali

Digging Deeper: Websites for further research

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