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Grade 11 - World Religions and Belief Traditions: Issues, and Challenges: Religious Community

This course enables students to study world religions and belief traditions in local, Canadian, and global contexts. Students will explore aspects of the human quest for meaning and will examine world religions and beliefs.

Suggested Databases: UCDSB VLC

21 Century Canadian Connections

The federal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared its commitment to the principle of multiculturalism in 1971 and in so doing formalized a policy to protect and promote diversity, recognize the rights of Aboriginal peoples, and support the use of Canada’s two official languages. This led to the establishment in 1973 of the Ministry of Multiculturalism as well as the Canadian Consultative Council on Multiculturalism.

How Do I: Try new things on the VLC

Top Picks:: Videos, Key Word searches, & Links...

      Canada:  We Rock Diversity.......... Identify the diverse religions and belief traditions that are found in Canada.  

Analyse and explain: the ways in which various religions and belief traditions are reflected in specific works of art, architecture, music, literature, and dance; in styles of dress; and in cuisines.   (e.g., religious icons, La Sagrada Familia church by Antonio Gaudi, evening ragas, the poetry of Rumi, Bharatnatyam dance, monastic robes, kosher and vegetarian cooking, the architecture of Douglas Cardinal) 

Teacher prompt: “How does the study of world religions and belief traditions enhance our ability to understand and appreciate diversity? In what ways might the study of world religions reduce our tendency to negatively judge people who are different from ourselves?”


This short animation tells the story of Saoussan, a young girl struggling to adjust to life in Canada after being uprooted from her wartorn homeland. She has come to seek a quieter and safer life, although memories of war and death linger, memories that are awakened when the children at her new school prepare for a scary Halloween. From Far Away speaks to the power within us all to adapt like Saoussan and to welcome a newcomer.

Digging Deeper: Websites for further research

Search Terms - Define & Explain

Define Key Terms: Christianity, First Nation and Inuit ritual and spirituality, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, secular humanism,   atheism, agnosticism, ethics, monotheism, pantheism, polytheism, animism, theology

Digging Deeper: Websites for further research

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