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Grade 8: Math: Algebra

Grade 8 Mathematics resources guide will give you a background of Ontario Grade 8 curriculum expectations, resource material, and links for homework help.

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Watch the award-winning series "Math Dude!" Mike DeGraba, from Montgomary County Public Schools, provides a fun and helpful way to learn all about algebra. 

Download the podcasts here or by clicking on the image!

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Gr. 7-8: How do I create & cite my work?

What do we learn in Patterning and Algebra?

  • Representing the general term in a linear sequence, using one or more algebraic expressions;
  • Translating statements, using algebraic equations;
  • Finding the term number in a pattern algebraically when given any term;
  • Solving linear equations involving onevariable terms with integer solutions using a “balance” model.