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UCDSB Mental Health & Wellness Virtual Library

A collection of mental health & wellness resources from the UCDSB Psychology Team. Includes resources specifically geared to helping families and students cope through COVID-19

The UCDSB Mental Health & Wellness Virtual Library

The health and safety of people in our community is always our top priority - now more-so than ever.  The purpose of this guide is to provide recommended resources that support the mental health and wellness of our students and whole school community.  We can all take simple steps to take care of our mental health.  Community supports are highlighted throughout.

What you will find:

Information, links to trusted sources of information, videos, infographics and interactive programs supporting families, adults, children and teens focused on:

  • COVID-19 and general mental health & wellness 
  • Strategies, tips, techniques and activities for coping with anxiety & stress
  • Community resources 

This guide will be updated frequently with additional resources that we hope will help.  Please check back often!

Coping with COVID-19 Visuals