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The VLC is much more than an "online library." It provides Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Media Literacy, and Digital Citizenship resources, as well as technical help, and reliable information for student research and work.

Please note: effectively immediately, UCDSB no longer provides a board subscription to BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr.  

Looking for other fun, educational games & videos?  1. Ask your LCI; 2. check out all the great free content on BrainPOP;  and, 3. visit our Games & Databases page!  You never know what you might find!

NEW Databases to check out: NFB CAMPUS (trial until June 20, 2018) and CBC's

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UCDSB Events & Educational Contests

The above link is your source for information on educational events and contests sponsored by reputable Canadian organizations. Many of the contests can be worked into the curriculum.  New items are added on a regular basis. Keep checking for student, and educator, chances to shine.

Introduction to the VLC

SONY EarthPLAY for Earth Day Contest