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The VLC is much more than an "online library." It provides Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Media Literacy, and Digital Citizenship resources, as well as technical help, and reliable information for student research and work.

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Canada 150 (sm)

Check out this new TVO Kids game:

Solve mysteries, learn historical facts, and build a playground in the shape of Canada's map.

CCVS Raiders Best in Province

CCVS Raiders

"Best in Province"

Aboriginal Month 2017

June is National Aboriginal History Month!

LGBT Pride Month

Why do we celebrate LGBT Pride Month in June? Click the flag below to find out.

LGBT flag

Check out our LGBTQ Resources Guide to find LGBTQ reading lists and more!

Discovery Channel Shark Week

SHARK WEEK July 23 to July 30


The History of Rideau Centennial Elementary School

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