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World Bee Day - May 20

Two cartoon bees buzzing. Three honeycombs with three hexagons joined in each. Text World Bee Day May 20. Light tan background.

Honeybees through the eyes of a beekeeper

Beekeeper holding a honeybee frame of eggs, larva and brood.  Honeybees present.

The beekeeper is holding a frame which is one of 10 in a traditional hive.  This is a frame that has been removed from the brood box.  This is the frame where the queen bee lays her eggs and they go through stages of egg, larva, brood and finally a new honey bee!  In the summer a bees life span is approximately 6 weeks where it will do every single job in a hive at one time before it dies-talk about a community effort where everyone can appreciate the other's job!

Activity Resources


Beekeeper holding a frame full of capped honey in the bee yard

This is a frame of capped honey which beekeepers may start to see as early as late June, depending on the nectar flow.  Did you know a bee must tap 2 million flowers to make 1 pound (454g) of honey?

Honeybee drinking nectar from a false sunflower.

Honeybees collect nectar from a wide variety of trees and plants. This little worker honeybee is collecting nectar to take back to the hive.  Bees can visit 50-100 flowers during each collection trip.