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Student Life: Indigenous Education

Resources supporting the diverse needs of our students. We ALL Belong!

Aboriginal Perspectives - The Teacher's Kit

Lesson Plans & Resources

Additional Resources that may be of interest

What's New

ONECA war poster--teacher resources-FNMI

VLC guides for Indigenous Education

Unreserved-CBC Radio program

Aboriginal Voices Interactive Workshop--June 7, 2016--Kemptville

Appropriation vs Appreciation

Turtle Island

Turtle Island

More resources on the VLC....

Bringing it into the Classroom - Ideas for Teachers

Walking on Turtle Island Blanket Activity (an adaptation of the KAIROS Blanket Exercise): 75 minutes "...a teaching tool that uses participatory popular education to raise awareness of the nation-to-nation relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada".

Students at Smiths Falls DCI

are inspired by their exploration of treaties and

indigenous art and culture. 

UCDSB_AbEd Twitter feed