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Grade 5: Math: Number

A collection of activities and resources, chosen to help support the Ontario, Grade 5 Math curriculum. Includes resources for teacher and parents!

In Grade 5....

Number Sense and Numeration: 

  • representing and ordering numbers to 100 000
  • representing money amounts to $1000
  • developing the concept of place value to hundredths
  • comparing and ordering fractional amounts with like denominators
  • adding and subtracting decimal amounts to hundredths
  • multiplying two-digit whole numbers by two-digit whole numbers
  • dividing three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers
  • relating simple fractions to decimals

What is?

Math Terms and Explainations:


More great sources for math help and "how to's".....

Suggested Databases

Whole Numbers

Books you might enjoy...

Visit your public library or pay a visit to your school's learning commons to see if they have these or similar books.

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