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British Home Children: BHC Sending Agencies

British Home Children were impoverish youngsters between infancy and 18 years of age who were sent to British Colonies by philanthropic groups. British Home Children were sent to Canada between the 1860's and the 1940's. .

Guide to Sending and Receiving Organizations in Canada

Barnardo's Homes

Philanthropists involved with the Child Migration Scheme

Receiving Homes in Canada

Hazelbrae Receiving Home - Peterborough Ontario Canada

Marchmount Receiving Home - Belleville, Ontario, Canada

St. George's Receiving Home, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Fairknowe Home - Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Quarrier's Homes of Scotland


Source: British Home Children in Canada

The Children's Friend Society

Church of England's Children's Society (Waifs and Strays Society)

The Waifs and Strays Society was organized by the Church of England (Anglican Church).  Children were sent to the Gibbs Home in Sherbrooke, Quebec as well as other area Homes.


Information on Sending Agencies

A sending agency was used as part of the Child Emigration Scheme to send sent orphaned, destitute or unwanted children from the British Isles to Canada.  These organizations were either privately sponsored or by a religious organization which facilitated the movement of the children to different British colonies.  Children could be found on the streets, removed from "unfit" parents/guardians or sent to the organizations by parents. There were several organizations which sent British Home Children to Canada,  Barnardo's Homes (England)  and Quarrier's Homes (Scotland) are considered to be  two of the main sending agencies.