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National Indigenous History Month 2022

Recommended books, movies, videos and events to celebrate National Indigenous History Month, June 2022, and National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21, 2022

Akwesasne Virtual Tour Video

Question Prompts & Teacher Viewing Guide



The Thanksgiving Address

1. What can we learn about Indigenous world views from the Thanksgiving Address? 

2. Why is it also called ‘the matters that come first’ or ‘the words that come before all else’?  

The Geography

1. What is noteworthy about Akwesasne’s location? 

2. What does the word “Akwesasne” mean? 


1. Why is it important to teach others the truth about Akwesasne? 

2. How is Akwesasne the same as your community? How is it different?

3. Why do some people in the community celebrate Christmas and others do not?


1. What is a ‘social’

2. What are some names of dances mentioned (How do you think the dance’s got their names)?

Native North American Travelling College

1. How did the travelling college come into being?

2. What is its importance now?


1. For what sports is Akwesasne well known for? 

2. Why is the sport of Lacrosse very popular? 

3. Who is Tom Longboat? 

Seven Generations

1. What is meant by ‘Seven Generations’?