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National Indigenous History Month 2022

Recommended books, movies, videos and events to celebrate National Indigenous History Month, June 2022, and National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21, 2022

Akwesasne Virtual Cultural Tour Video

Question Prompts & Teacher Viewing Guide



Basket Making

1. What are all the ways basket making is and has been important to culture, traditions & worldview? 

1a) What were baskets traditionally used for?  How are they used today? 

1b) How is basket making connected to the land, respect for Mother Earth and environmental sustainability? What are they made from? 

People of the Longhouse

1. Why do you think the Mohawks of Akwesasne call themselves  Rotinnonhsion:ni, the ‘People of the Longhouse’? 

2. How was a longhouse built?  Why was it built and designed this way? 

3. What is the longhouse a metaphor for? What is the significance of the doorkeepers and firekeepers?  

The Importance of Practicing Language & Culture

1. Why do the students who are interviewed feel that practicing their language & cultural traditions is so important?

2. How do youth learn about their traditions, culture & language?


1. What is the significance of ceremonies?

2. Why is the Midwinter ceremony so important?


Pause and look at the artwork by John B. Thomas used throughout the video. What do you think is being depicted?