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National Indigenous History Month 2022

Recommended books, movies, videos and events to celebrate National Indigenous History Month, June 2022, and National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21, 2022

2022 Resources

National Indigenous History month calendar of book suggestions and links to their activities

June 2021 Activity Choice Board

Here are some more activities from last year that you may like to revisit!

Image of National Indigenous History Month choice boards for 4-6

Downloadables & Resources

This special edition of OWL magazine has been created to reflect a kid friendly version of 4Canoes Volume 1: The Ojibwe of Great Spirit Island.  “This volume features the Ojibwe from Great Spirit Island (Manitoulin Island in Georgian Bay). There are six communities on the island and the culture and history are very rich her. The Ojibwe have one of the largest territories on Turtle Island.”)  

Each elementary school has received 40 copies of both the English and French magazines.  To access the digital copies, as well as additional supporting resources, please the 4Canoes eBookshelf available on the VLC.