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National Indigenous History Month 2022

Recommended books, movies, videos and events to celebrate National Indigenous History Month, June 2022, and National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21, 2022

The Akwesasne Video Project

We are so incredibly proud to showcase our students’ Akwesasne Awareness videos and hope that you will take the time to learn, alongside your class, about Akwesasne Mohawk Territory.

This year, the students at CCVS (Cornwall Collegiate VS) and Akwesasne Foundations have partnered with Ketenies Research and Management and Akwesasne Television to create two student driven videos that will provide an understanding of contemporary life in Akwesasne and our students’ thoughts about protecting Mother Earth from a Haudenosaunee perspective. 

A teacher resource guide with question prompts has been provided to facilitate class discussion.

To view the videos, watch Bill Montgomery's introduction below, then click on the navigation link to the left, or the links found below:

Akwesasne Virtual Tour Video

Akwesasne Virtual Cultural Tour Video

Introduction to Akwesasne Video Project by Bill Montgomery