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UCDSB Reads: How Things Came to Be

How Things Came to Be: Inuit Stories of Creation


Authors: Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley

Ilustrators: Emily Fiegenschuh and Patricia Lewis-MacDougall

Publication Date: 2015

Publisher: Inhabit Media, an Inuit-owned publishing company focused on sharing Inuit culture, stories, and knowledge

Originally published as Qanuq Pinngurnirmata, this book shares eight classic Inuit creation stories from the Baffin region. 

UCDSB Team Lead: Angela Grandy

Team How Things Came to Be

Meet the Team from VCI:

Sarah Dagg's NAC10 class, Archie Martel - Metis community member, Louise Sproule - Publisher/Editor of The Review, and Angela Grandy - Principal.