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UCDSB Reads: Caribou Song

Caribou Song


Author: Tomson Highway 

Illustrator: Brian Deubes

Publication Date: 2001 (original), 2012 (reprint)

Publisher: Fifth House, a publisher focused on the Canadian West with advocacy for diversity and Native cultures 

Joe and Cody, young Cree brothers, are interrupted during a time of play by the sudden engulfed by a caribou herd; with their parents seemingly missing, they embrace the caribou spirit. 

UCDSB Reads Team Lead: Dave Balfour 

Team Caribou Song

Meet the Team from Pakenham PS:

Dave Balfour - Principal, Terri-Lynn Purdy - parent, Brady Munro - student, Palmer Munro - student, Kadian Moran - student, and Katherine Pillworth - Head Librarian at Pakenahm Public Library.