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UCDSB Reads: 7 Generations Plains Cree Saga

7 Generations


Author: David Alexander Robertson

Illustrator: Scott B. Henderson

Publication Date: 2012

Publisher: High Water Press, part of Portage and Main Press, specializes in Indigenous literature 

*Part of the 7 Generations Graphic Novel Series 

7 Generations explores the life of Stone, a young Cree warrior during the smallpox epidemic of 1870, as well as the residential school system of the 20th century and its familial legacy.

UCDSB Reads Team Lead: Ewen McIntosh 

Team 7 Generations

Meet the Team from R-O:

Aiden Parlee & Brant Woodside - Gr. 10 Students, Megan Crook, Matt Ware, and Wes Gosling - Teachers, Andrea Carpenter - School Council Vice-Chair, Pete Onstein - V.P., & Ewen McIntosh - Principal.