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Grade 2: Science: Simple Machines

A collection of activities and resources, chosen to help support the Ontario, Grade 2, Science curriculum. Includes resources for teachers and parents!

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, - Movement

Expectations of Grade 2 for this unit

1.Assess the impact on society and the environment of simple machines and mechanisms;

2.Investigate mechanisms that include simple machines and enable movement;

3.Demonstrate an understanding of movement and ways in which simple machines help to move objects.

Big Ideas

Movement is change in the position of an object.

Simple machines help objects move.

Mechanisms are made up of one or more simple machines.

Simple machines and mechanisms make life easier and/or more enjoyable for humans.

(Ontario Curriculum)

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Simple Machines!!


This animation provides a brief description of what a lever is, what the types of levers are and where they are used in our daily lives.


Animated movie showing what pulleys are and how they work.  

An introduction to simple machines.  They are all around us!


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