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Grade 11: Music: Reflecting, Responding and Analysing

Curriculum based information on music, its theory, its genre and practice and how music effects the world around us.

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How Music Effects Society

How Music Affects Society

Music has always been a popular form of expression. It can reflect people’s culture, beliefs, religion, sexuality, and most of all, feelings and emotions. It is an outlet for people to release any tension or pent-up emotions about something or someone. The involvement of society in music has caused it to evolve in a way that it is unique and distinct. However, one cannot stereotype music, as it may differ from one listener to another. Folk music during the 1960s is the best example of music’s influence in society. Folk or country music was then seen as music for the masses. It was a way for people to express their protest, which then opened the eyes of the masses and inspired them to take action. Therefore, it only proves that music can literally affect people’s way of thinking and make them take appropriate actions, whether positively or negatively.

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