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Indigenous Education Teacher Resources & Professional Learning: TRC5+ Virtual Inquiry 2020/21

French Resources

1)  "Big Timber Media" books now available in French on the VLC.

2) We can tell them that their school subscription to "Nos Nouvelles!" by the company LesPlan often has environmental and indigenous current event issues in the publications.

3) We might also want to let them know that we have purchased the series "Turtle Island Voices" in French (Gr 1-6) - but we have not yet delivered these to the schools. (Cindy and I need to talk about how to roll these out).

4) Here are some other links:

FNMIEAO - Nos lien avec la terre (module 4 is all about the connection to the land)

NSI - Video without words called Traditional Healing (about the environment)

Bâtir des ponts - Niveau 1 - Free sample

Nos Nouvelles - Free Sample (Contents: salmon cannon in Fraser River and growing a garden in Nunavut)

Ici Radio Canada - Newspaper for young children (section on the environment) (other sections have current events, therefore include Indigenous content as well)

Link to Indigenous content on Idéllo

Link to Indigenous content on

Link to Indigenous content on

Government of Canada Indigenous Teaching Resources in French for kids aged 4-16

Canadian Geographic Education Indigenous French Resources

Capture the Beauty of the Trees

TRC5+ Teacher Orientation