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Grade 1: Language: Reading

A selection of resources available to support teaching and learning the Ontario Curriculum expectations for Grade 1 Language.

Suggested Databases

Author Web-sites

Read to Me

VLC Bookmark

Logins for all VLC databases are found on the back of the VLC Bookmark.

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Top Picks

 Three cartoon students reading a book.

Beginning Reading Skills

Learn to read with phonics

K-Gr. 6: Games & Databases

K-Gr. 6: Ask Us/Demande Moi

K-Gr. 6: How do I find out about my topic?

K-Gr. 6: Games & Databases

Check out these books about reading!

Organize your ideas:

What is Mind-Mapping?

Mind mapping is a way to organize your ideas. It is used to help you brainstorm ideas. Brainstorming is just thinking of creative ideas to help you answer a question or solve a problem.

Mind Mapping Tools for You:

Inspiration software

Don't forget Inspiration and Kidspiration software found on all UCDSB computers.  This program is for visual learning: 

graphic organizers, concept mapping, mind mapping, outlining, webbing, and plots and graphs.