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Grade 1: Language: The Start

Learning the different skills needed to communicate

Thank you to Carolyn Goddard for her research and contributions to this guide.

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Welcome to the Grade 1 study guide for language!

Use this study guide to help you find answers to questions about listening, public speaking, reading, writing, and understanding all the media that you see, hear and interact with every day.

Have fun exploring and learning with videos, games, books, ebooks!


How Do I Choose A Book?

   Open book with images of a hot air balloon, plane, elephant and rocket ship bursting from the pages.

A good children's book

  • stimulates interest in children
  • has fun language, rhythm, rhyme and patterns
  • clear print and interesting pictures
  • gets children interested and involved in the story

Read Along - How to Communicate

General Computer Resources

The puppet show based on the story "Frederick"by Leo Lionni is performed by Michael Shannon from the Chicago Children's Theatre.

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