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Grade 11: English: Introduction

This guide has resources to support the student in grade 11 English. Topics include oral communication, reading, literature studies, writing and media studies. For students in ENG 3E, 3C, and 3U.

Ontario Curriculum

Gr. 9-12: Teacher Resources

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English in the Real World

Gr. 9-12: Send us your work


How can a Learning Commons Informationist help you?


Your Learning Commons is a place where you can:

  • develop a love of reading for learning and for pleasure;
  • acquire an understanding of the richness and diversity of literary and informational texts produced in Canada and around the world;
  • obtain access to programs, resources, and integrated technologies that support all curriculum areas;
  • understand and value the role of public library systems as a resource for lifelong learning.

The Learning Commons Informationist (LCI) plays a key role in the development of information literacy and research skills. In collaboration with classroom  teachers, LCI's provide students with:

  • authentic information and research skills that foster learning, including the ability to: locate, select, gather, critically evaluate, create, and communicate information;
  • use the information obtained to solve problems, make decisions, build knowledge, create personal meaning, and enrich their lives;
  • communicate their findings for different audiences, using a variety of formats and technologies;
  • use information and research with understanding, responsibility, and imagination.

Find out when your LCI is in your school!

Get an Overview: Reference Sources

Recommended search terms:

communication, English, language, literature, media

Gr. 9-12: Games & Databases

Gr. 9-12: How do I share & stay safe online?

Inter-disciplinary Databases

Are you studying current affairs, controversial issues, a historical event, an environmental concern, or another topic that ties into your English class?

Try one of these databases:

Learning Commons Informationist

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With appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. P. West, Gananoque Intermediate and Secondary Schools for her assistance in creating this guide.  

Thank you.