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Sarah Beus

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Sarah Beus
Kemptville Public School
Merrickville Public School
Oxford-on-Rideau Public School
As a child,  I vividly remember the magic of libraries. I loved everything about it: the smell, the quiet, the research, and the shelves upon shelves of books.  It was the place for my creativity, where my imagination and curiosity found a welcome home. The librarians were magical guardians of knowledge, and they were my heroes. 

This love of libraries did not fade as I grew up. The books and research got more complex as my life got more complex. Regardless, a library was my special place. My undergraduate studies began with education. As I narrowed my focus in educational studies, I always felt drawn to literature. It did not really matter what kind of literature either: juvenile, young adult, adult, classic, poetry, or non-fiction. I soon found my path altered from the classroom to the library setting. Libraries fulfil my need for structure and organisation while fostering creativity and imagination all a the same time. 

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Grade 1: Language
Last update: Dec 2, 2022 822 views
Last update: Jun 27, 2022 216 views
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Last update: Jun 22, 2022 234 views
Grade 7: Science
Last update: Nov 22, 2022 1827 views
Grade 8: English
Last update: Aug 31, 2022 981 views
Grade 8: Science
Last update: Oct 12, 2022 5463 views

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