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Grade 7: Science: Introduction

In this course students will learn to understand life systems and the impact human beings have on the environment

Ontario Curriculum

Please see Pages 124-137

Gr. 7-8: Teacher Resources

More Teacher Resources

Science in the Real World: The various stages of the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly


Learn how to plant your own butterfly garden. CLICK HERE!


Learn about the anatomy of a butterfly. CLICK HERE.

Monarch Chrysalis

Learn about the biology of the Monarch butterfly, including the chrysalis. CLICK HERE.

Monarch Buttefrly Hatching

Hands On Work - Get involved with Monarch Watch in your classroom. CLICK HERE!

Monarch Migration

Thousands of Monarchs migrate annually. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Gr. 7-8: Send us your work

Introduction to Grade 7 Science

Have Fun with A Stars and Constellation Word Search!

Science Rocks

The best online databases for science, available at school or at home.  Ask your LCI for the usernames & passwords!

Great websites to check out for all things science!

Gr. 7-8: Games & Databases

Gr. 7-8: How do I share & stay safe online?

Academic Honesty Checklist & Bookmark

Use this checklist to help you cite your sources!