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Sq'ad'adang : UCDSB Indigenous Poster Project for Teaching & Learning: For Community - February

In Haida, the word for "teach" & "learn" is the same. You cannot teach without continuing to learn. We do not distinguish between the two

Sharing with our UCDSB Community

Métis cabin

Cultural Moon Teachings & Calendar Events - February

For many Algonquin people, the moon for February is "Bear Moon"

For Mohawk people, the Maple Ceremony occurs the second week in February and lasts one day.

Feb 7 iLead - guest speaker is Sarain Fox

Feb 21 International Mother Language Day


13 Moons Resource - GoodMinds


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Indigenous Leadership Program

What's Happening in UCDSB!

Young Anishenaabe woman, Sarain Fox, in a variety of photos depicting her  wide variety of work - activism, speaking, modelling.

Sarain Fox - iLead Presenter for February.

iLead students and teachers will enjoy presenter, Sarain Fox on February 7. Stay tuned for photos from the day!

Aayalyn speaking about furs,  Metis culture and stories. Images of various furs and Metis artifacts, flags and symbols.

Candace Lloyd & Aaralyn
shared their Métis culture and traditions with students at Lyn Public School. 
They shared their knowledge of furs, trapping, tapping for sap and other stories about being on the land.


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Algonquin Bear Moon 

International Mother Language Day - Feb 21

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