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ESL: Grade 1-6: Tips and info for parents, families and caregivers...

A guide full of resources to help our English learners in grade 1-6, as they learn English. Includes information that may be of help for their families too!

Fun sites for young and old!

Anxiety Resources - K-6

Students, and their families may find these resources helpful... 

Some sites, aimed at younger folks, are a great place to start build vocabulary & understanding.

Reading with your child?


Look at the pictures together before you read.

Ask questions-- "Where is the...?" "What's that called...?" "What's she doing?" "Why did he do that?" "What happens next?"

Follow the text with your finger as you read.

With familiar stories, help your child join in or finish phrases.

Discuss things you both liked/didn't like about the story and why.

Don't's okay to read without stopping just to enjoy a great book

More Resources for Families and Teachers


Community Resources



K-Gr. 6: Ask Us/Demande Moi