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Grade 11: Law: Rights & Freedoms

All Canadians should know about the historical development and philosophical foundations of our legal system. People need to develop respect for the law, an understanding of its relevance to everyday life, and an appreciation of the benefits of a dynamic

Suggested Databases

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Top Picks

The Famous 5 and the "Persons" Case

A resource that provides information about each of the women of the Famous 5, a timeline of events in history that led to the "Persons" Case and the outcome of the "Persons" Case.

Canadian Human Rights Commission

The following series of videos will help you to learn more about the Canadian Human Rights Act. The videos provide information in American Sign Language (ASL), captioning and voice-over.

Policy on Competing Human Rights

As people better understand their rights and wish to exercise them, some of those rights may come into conflict with the rights of others. This is especially true in Ontario’s increasingly diverse and complex society.

What are Human Rights?

A video and short article explain what human rights are. This site also has a link to read a simplified version of the Declaration of Human Rights from the United Nations.

Gr. 9-12: Ask Us/Demande Moi

Gr. 9-12: How do I start my research?

Gr. 9-12: How do I cite my sources?

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Suggested search terms for Destiny:

  • Justice
  • Women and the Law
  • Human rights
  • Aboriginal rights
  • Bill of Rights
  • Equality
  • Suffrage
  • Emily Murphy
  • Pierre Trudeau
  • Civil Liberties