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Grade 11: Understanding Canadian Law: Introduction

All Canadians should know about the historical development and philosophical foundations of our legal system. People need to develop respect for the law, an understanding of its relevance to everyday life, and an appreciation of the benefits of a dynamic

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Law in the Real World

Use these news links to discover what is happening in regards to the law in Canada and the world.

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Welcome to the Grade 11 Law Libguide

"The law affects nearly every aspect of our lives every day. On the one hand, we have laws to deal with crimes such as robbery or murder and other threats and challenges to society. On the other hand, laws regulate common activities such as driving a car, renting an apartment, getting a job or getting married. Understanding the law, and the ideas and principles behind it, is every Canadian's business."

-from the Government of Canada

Get an Overview: Reference Sources

Suggested Keywords for Databases by Strand


Rights and


Criminal Law and


Regulation and




-Legal system


-Magna Carta

-Rule of law



-Courts of law

-Act of Union

-Federal Court

of Canada


-Quebec Act





-Women and the


-Human Rights

-Aboriginal rights

-Bill of Rights



-Emily Murphy

-Pierre Trudeau

-John Diefenbaker

-Civil Liberties



-Federal Jurisdiction

-Criminal Code


-Youth Criminal Justice




-Mens Rea

-Law and society

-Child Abuse

-Sexual Assault






-Admissible evidence











-Family Law

-Common Law

-Civil Law

-Administrative Law


-Property Law



-Tort Law

-Contract Law

-Corporation Law

-Procedural Law


-International Law






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