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Grade 5: Language: Media Literacy

Suggestions, activities and tools are available to assist you in advancing your skills in reading writing and oral communication.

Suggested Databases

VLC Bookmark

Logins for all VLC databases are found on the back of the VLC Bookmark.

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What Media Literacy Means

Media Awareness

Be Web Aware

Net Wise

How do I access & search databases effectively?

A trip with Jack

EAVI’s video clip “A Journey to Media Literacy” is a seven-minute cartoon designed to explain, in a fun and simple way, what Media Literacy is all about, and why it is essential in order to live freely and participate fully in society.

It follows the journey of a young boy called Jack as he sets out on an adventure across the oceans to reach the island of ML. The skills he develops coupled with the help and support from some friends along the way make him confident and media-wise!

Like many other children growing up today, Jack is quite an expert at using modern technology, but he is not aware of the powerful forces behind media, such as subtle advertising, manipulation of images and information.

In addition to his abundance of technical skills, he needs to develop the capacity to question what he reads, sees and hears, as well as the ability to make sound choices, take informed decisions and act with clear understanding.

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Book Suggestions

Suggested Search Terms for finding book in UCDSB Destiny:

  • internet
  • internet safety
  • cyber space

K-Gr. 6: Ask Us/Demande Moi

K-Gr. 6: How do I find out about my topic?

Get Organized

media literacy


K-Gr. 6: How do I create & cite my work?

K-Gr. 6: How do I share & stay safe online?