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Remembrance Day (7-12): Introduction

Aboriginal Veterans Day - November 8th

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Canada's Forgotten First Remembrance Day

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Brought to us by Veterans Affairs Canada, Government of Canada.

The Virtual War Memorial is an online database containing images, such as photos and memorabilia, of individual Canadians who served their nation. The database contains a registry of graves and memorials of more than 116,000 Canadians. 

For tips on how to search the database, consult the Help page.


#RemembranceDay - How will you Remember?

Info about Canada at War & in Conflicts

Our Ontario Magazine (World War)

Our Ontario Magazine (Remembrance Day)

Gr. 9-12: Send us your work

Introduction: What is Remembrance Day about?

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According to Veterans Affairs Canada:

  • Remembrance Day commemorates Canadians who died in service to Canada from the South African War to current missions.
  • It is held every November 11.The first Remembrance Day was conducted in 1919 throughout the Commonwealth.  Originally called Armistice Day, it commemorated the end of the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m.: the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
  • From 1923 to 1931, Armistice Day was held on the Monday of the week in which November 11 fell. Thanksgiving was also celebrated on this day.
  • In 1931, MP Allan Neill introduced a bill to hold Armistice Day on a fixed day - November 11. During the bill's introduction, it was decided the word "Remembrance" would be used instead of "Armistice." The bill passed and Remembrance Day was first conducted on November 11, 1931. Thanksgiving Day was moved to October 12 that year.


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*The above reference is in APA formatting.

The National War Memorial

Virtual Wall of Rembrance

War Novels