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Remembrance Day (K-6): WWI & WWII

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Teacher Resources

WWI: In Flanders Fields

Outside a field hospital in Belgium, Canadian Army surgeon John McCrae solemnly pens the country's most often recited poem.

WWI: John McCrae

John McCrae: Activities

WWII Activities

An interactive story about a boy whose grandfather served in WWII, provided by Veterans Affairs Canada.

An interactive way to learn about the science and technology of WWII, provided by the National WWII Museum, New Orleans, USA

Christmas at the Front

Remembering Canada in WWII: Videos

K-Gr. 6: Ask Us/Demande Moi

K-Gr. 6: How do I find out about my topic?

K-Gr. 6: How do I create & cite my work?

Stories from WWI Heroes: The Memory Project

Stories from WWI heroes

Stories from WWII heroes

*Pictures of people, places and artifacts provided, as well as videos.

Source: Veterans Affairs Canada

Reading History with Great Uncle Ernest - 787131, 130 Battalion. C.E.F.

John Ernest Ferrier was from Perth, ON  - 787131, 130 Battalion. C.E.F.  and fought in WWI.  His grand niece Judy Ferrier has created a series of Youtube shorts to honour his service while fighting overseas.  She reads a selection of letters that John wrote to his parents.


Listen to Pte. J. Ernest Ferrier's letter from Jan. 13, 1916.  Written from the trenches  "Somewhere in France".

Listen to Pte. J. Ernest Ferrier's  letter home from March 20, 1917. Ernest writes home about the "desolate landscape" and the "prospect of a happy return home." Judy highlights Ernest's cloth ditty bag.

Great-Uncle Ernest's letter from "Somewhere in France" March 23, 1917. Ernest writes about how much he looks forward to the letters from home, a soldier being shell shocked, and purchasing writing paper from a stand in the trenches.

WWI: Trench Life Activities

Over the Top is an interactive adventure game that allows YOU to experience life in the trenches during theFirst World War.  As a young Canadian soldier stationed somewhere along the Western Front in the late Fall of 1916, you will live through some of the excitement, despair, brutality and sheer horror of trench warfare.

Source: Canadian War Museum,

Children Helping with WWI