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Grade 8: Geography: Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability

Grade 8 Geography studies Earth's physical properties and processes and the effect it has on human settlement as well as environmental, global and economic development and the quality of life.

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Geographical Features

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Practicies to make Human Settlements Sustainable

  1. Providing Adequate Shelter for All
  2. Improving Human Settlement Management
  3. Promoting Sustainable Land-Use Planning and Management
  4. Promoting the Integrated Provision of Environmental Infrastructure: water, sanitation,
  5. drainage and solid waste management
  6. Promoting Sustainable Energy and Transport Systems in Human Settlements
  7. Promoting Human Settlement Planning and Management in Disaster-Prone Areas
  8. Promoting Sustainable Construction Activities
  9. Promoting Human Resource Development and Capacity-Building for Human
  10. Settlement Development

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Environmental Factors Affecting Human Resource Planning

Climate Variability

Climate extremes and variabilities include monsoons, floods, heat waves, cold waves, cyclones, winter storms and dust storms.These climate extremes have a major impact on people as well as the economy and the environment.

Climate Change

  • There has been a notable rise in temperatures and atmospheric greenhouse gases in the past century all over the world. Governments around the world  have been creating environmental policies to address these issues to help reduce emissions.

Air Pollution

  • Air pollution is a concern to the people living in urban areas. Major urban cities have seen a significant increase in the last ten years.  This has a direct impact  on the health and well being of residents of these large centres.

Coastal Lifestyle

  • People continue to move to country's coastal cities. Unfortunately it is effecting  the ecosystem processes such as water quality, and fisheries.

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  • Climate Changes
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Settlement Patterns
  • Climate
  • Weather
  • environment
  • population
  • world geography

Gr. 7-8: Ask Us/Demande Moi

Gr. 7-8: How do I find out about my topic?

Gr. 7-8: How do I create & cite my work?

Eleven Types of Land Uses

1.  Residential Land Use - where people live (houses, apartment buildings)
2.  Institutional Land Use - government related (schools, town hall, police station)
3.  Recreational Land Use - for fun, entertainment purposes (parks, bowling place)
4.  Open/ Vacant Space Land Use - empty land
5.  Commercial Land Use - places to do with [making] money (stores, banks)
6.  Industrial Land Use - working places that help industry (factories)
7.  Agricultural Land Use - land used to grow food etc. (farmland)
 8. Railway Land Use - railways
 9. Transportation Land Use -to do with transport (bus stops, road                                                                                                     10.Government Land Use - like "institutional"
11.Utilities Land Use - like hydro-electricity towers