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Announcements COVID-19

Welcome back to a new school year!

As everyone begins to explore and adapt to the variety of in-class and remote learning venues we will be experiencing..... don't forget to look after yourself with

health & wellness tips and strategies.

A SPECIAL NOTE FOR TEACHERS: Many of the digital resources that were provided over the COVID-19 school closure are no longer available for free access.  As well, a number of resource subscriptions previously funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education have expired (eg. BookFLIX) and have been removed from the VLC Games and Databases.

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NEW! on How do I? 9-12:   How to spot 'fake news'  

Fake News Icon

Fake News!  Post-truth! Deep Fakes! Clickbait!  Bots and Trolls, AI (Oh My!)  

Seriously????????   On this page you will learn tips & tricks (moves) to help you quickly SIFT through the fake, factual & flimsy.


Race, Racism & Police Violence: The United States Protests

What can I do?

  1. Learn about racism in Canada
  2. Read diverse books
  3. Learn what it means to be an ally,
  4. Be critical and responsible social media users.
  5. Talk to your friends, your classmates, your families and your teachers.

Some resources to get you started: 

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