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Safe and Accepting Schools: Disabilities

Resources to help teachers and staff create inclusive, safe and accepting schools.

Suggested Databases

Disabilities - Reading Lists

Ask your school's LCI for help locating a book from one of these lists.

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Strategies for Teachers

Autism Explained

Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Down Syndrome


Learning Through Empathy

Learning Through Empathy is a video playlist from the National Filmboard of Canada. The videos listed offer teachers "unique Canadian resources that will help students explore, discuss, and ultimately express empathy, an essential skill for navigating the diversity and conflicts inherent in our global community." Teachers can also find discussion questions and other resources that can help them utilize these videos in the classroom. 

Children's books about disabilities

Use these books in your classroom to start a discussion about people with disabilities. Ask your LCI for help locating these books.

Books from the Catalogue

Special Education Guides