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Special Education 7-12: The start

This guide has resources for special education students in grade 7-12, as well as information for their parents/guardians/caregivers and teachers.


“Nothing motivates a

child more than when

learning is valued by

schools and families/

community working

together in partnership.”

Michael Fullan

Social skills apps

Gr. 9-12: Teacher Resources

More Teacher Resources

Celebrating abilities

Definition of inclusive education


Community Living Ontario defines inclusive education as: An educational experience where every child shares in all facets of ongoing education that will meet his/her unique needs; and, where all Boards of Education ensure that these rights include the opportunity:

  • to attend regular classrooms in their local neighborhood school;
  • to attend classes with like-aged children;
  • to receive an education program based on, but not restricted to, individual goals;
  • to receive adequate supports to ensure equitable opportunity for success;
  • to receive coordinated planning and assistance in all transitional phases, including
  • preschool to elementary, elementary to secondary, post-secondary, cooperative education,
  • colleges and universities or continuing education;

And where parents have the opportunity to become true partners in determining all aspects of their child's education. Community Living Ontario believes that inclusion must be promoted and supported as a first choice for all students who have an intellectual disability, and that the Ontario Ministry of Education must be accountable and fully responsible for the full and uniform implementation of these measures in all school boards throughout the province.

Gr. 9-12: Ask Us/Demande Moi

CELA - Centre for Equitable Library Access

UCDSB Newsletter for Parents and Students Jan 2021