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Grade 11: Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Issues and Perspectives (NDA3M): The Global Context

Resources for NDA3M.

Suggested Databases

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Logins for all VLC databases are found on the back of the VLC Bookmark.

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Indigenous Peoples to Research in VLC Databases

Use the databases found in the top left-hand box of this page to search for some Indigenous peoples from around the world:

  • Masaai (Kenya)
  • Maori (New Zealand)
  • Hmong (China/Southeast Asia)
  • Maya (Mexico/Central America)
  • Uighur (China)
  • Berber/Amazigh (North Africa)
  • San (Botswana/Southern Africa)
  • Fulani (West Africa)
  • Tuareg (North and West Africa)
  • Adivasi (India)
  • Ainu (Japan)
  • Igorot (Phillipines)
  • Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Australia)
  • Aboriginal Peoples (Australia)


There are many more indigenous peoples across the globe - search for them using the terms "indigenous people" and a country name.


Gr. 9-12: Ask Us/Demande Moi

Gr. 9-12: How do I start my research?

Gr. 9-12: How do I cite my sources?