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UCDSB Indigenous Secondary School Literacy Course: Reading and Listening

Resources for UCDSB ISSLC

Suggested Databases

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Active Reading Strategies:
  • Ask yourself pre-reading questions.
  • Identify and define unfamiliar words.
  • On a separate piece of paper write down the main idea or thesis of the reading.
  • On your piece of paper write notes including your own questions as well as the key ideas.
  • Make outlines, flow charts, or diagrams that will help you understand the information visually.
  • Read each paragraph carefully and answer the question: What does this paragraph say?
  • In your own words, write a summary of the chapter.
  • Write your own exam question based on what you read.
  • Explain what you have learned to someone else. 

Source: The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, Princeton University. 

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