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Grade 7-8 Health & Phys. Ed.: Introduction

This guide contains resources to support the grade 7/8 Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum.

Gr. 7-8: Teacher Resources

More teacher resources for grade 7/8 health and physical education

1. Select "Teaching Tools"
2. Options - Lesson Plans, Supplements and Activities
3. Select Lesson Plans and H&P Elementary Resources
4. Select Grade
5. Create account/sign in
6. Options - Healthy Living, Human development&Sexual Health, Fitness Building Activites, Indoor/outdoor games, Movement Exploration.

Gr. 7-8: Send us your work


Have Fun with health and physical education

Printer clip art

Print it!

Plus interactive activities

Stress me less!

Health and physical education in the Real World

Gr. 7-8: Games & Databases

Gr. 7-8: How do I share & stay safe online?

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