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Grade 6: Health & Phys Ed: Grade 6: Human Development and Sexual Health

Resources to to help support the learning of the Grade 6, Ontario Health & Phys Ed Curriculum.

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Here are some videos for teachers to use for their own info & preparation and to use in class. They've been put together by the City of Toronto, Public Health nurses.

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Grade 6: Understanding Health Concepts

Grade 6: Making Healthy Choices

Grade 6: Making Connections for Healthy Living

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Grade 6

What would you like to do when you grow up?

Have you ever thought about what you might be good at?

This handbook was put together to give people a quick reference to a small portion of traditional teachings. It is not a representation of all nations or beliefs. It includes insight into the Medicine Wheel and Grandfather Teachings. 

© 2008 Native Women’s Centre, Aboriginal Healing & Outreach Program, Hamilton, ON.


Check out the "Reproduction" section of Core Concepts - Biology. 

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