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Music Grade 4 to 6: Home

Resources to encourage, enhance and support the Grade 3-6 student studying music and music appreciation.


Music Students in Grades 4 to 6 focus on developing the ability to read music notation and on applying their knowledge of the elements of music through performing (singing, moving, playing instruments), creating, and listening.

In Grade 4, students begin to read standard notation in the treble clef and sing or play music in two parts. They continue to create simple rhythms and melodies as accompaniments and to discover how music is organized.

In Grade 5, students sing and/or play from standard music notation and other forms of notation, learn to use key signatures, and create compositions in a variety of forms using notational software. They explore the key influences affecting music in our past and present cultures.

In Grade 6, students explore further aspects of standard notation, create and perform a variety of compositions, and continue to think critically about the music that they hear and perform.

Students in Grades 4 to 6 are also expected to develop individual goals and to work in both large and small groups to solve musical problems. By the end of Grade 6 they should be able to provide constructive feedback regarding their own and others’ efforts.



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