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Grade 4: Health & Phys Ed: Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours

A guide for students, their families and teachers. Providing information on health lifestyle choices and safety - in the physical and virtual world!

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Grade 4: Understanding Healthy Concepts

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chemicals found in a cigarette - YUCK!

Grade 4: Making Healthy Choices

Sacred Smoke, in First Nation, Metis Inuit Communities:


One of the most common ceremonies is the Smudge. It is usually considered a purification ceremony. This ceremony is done by burning specific plants and brushing the smoke over oneself. Like all ceremonies, the smudge invites health into a person’s life.

Pipe Ceremony

The pipe ceremony is a sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds. “The pipe is a link between the earth and the sky,” explains White Deer of Autumn. “Nothing is more sacred. The pipe is our prayers in physical form. Smoke becomes our words; it goes out, touches everything, and becomes a part of all there is.”

Information gathered from: Vancouver Coastal Health 

Grade 4 Making Connections for Healthy Living

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